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On Saturday, November 7th, Emmanuel’s Student Government Association cooked up their own version of the Food Network show “Chopped” during their fall retreat at the College’s Notre Dame Campus. In this team-building exercise, four teams of students competed in a bake-off – three of the four teams were “chopped” and one was named Emmanuel College’s Top Bakers.

The winning team was Team #1, which included Class President Jessie Wang ’19, Class Vice President Eric Cote ’18, Class Treasurer Hailey Laflin ’17, Class Secretary MaryCatherine Dunne ’16, Executive President Cat Graham ’16 and Executive Secretary Tyler Gravelle ’16, and their recipe “This Bundt is a Home Run.”

"Chopped" Winners: MaryCatherine Dunne '16, Eric Cote '18, Jessie Wang '19, Catherine Graham '16, Hailey Laflin '17 and Tyler Gravelle '16

“Chopped” Winners: MaryCatherine Dunne ’16, Eric Cote ’18, Jessie Wang ’19, Catherine Graham ’16, Hailey Laflin ’17 and Tyler Gravelle ’16

Celebrity judges included Matt Berens from the Facilities Department, Cat Corbo from Bon Appetit, and former SGA presidents Katelyn Boudreau ’14 and Amy Chung ’15.  Dean of Students Dr. Joe Onofrietti moderated, Associate Dean of Students and Directory of Student Activities Dan Darcy calculated the scores.

"Chopped" Judges: Amy Chung '15, Katelyn Boudreau '14, Cat Corbo and Matt Berens

“Chopped” Judges: Amy Chung ’15, Katelyn Boudreau ’14, Cat Corbo and Matt Berens

Each team was given as basket of “mystery ingredients,” including a box of Betty Crocker yellow gluten-free cake mix, a bag of assorted fun-size candies (M&Ms, Milky Way, Starburst, Skittles and LifeSaver Gummies), one small Granny Smith apple, one 15-ounce can of sweet peas, and five dollars.

The rules were as follows:

  • The dessert must be gluten-free, nut-free and lactose-free (NO cream, milk, ice cream).
  • Teams must use at least half of each of the items in the basket.
  • In addition to these items, teams may ‘borrow’ pantry items from anyone they know, which include ingredients that do not need to be refrigerated, for example: oil, sweetener (sugar, honey, maple syrup etc.), flavoring (vanilla, almond extract etc.), food coloring, thickening (gluten-free), oatmeal, etc. – items that a home baker is likely to keep in a pantry/cabinet.
  • Teams may utilize any available appliances and baking containers. These may also be borrowed.
  • The $5.00 may be used to purchase additional items from the grocery store, or to purchase any other item that will enhance the team’s dessert.
  • Team’s must keep track of the ingredients used and include them in a written recipe presented to the judges. This recipe must include a name for your dessert. Teams will be judged for how well they incorporate the ingredients in their baskets into the dessert, as well as the creativity of the recipe title.
  • The dessert will be presented to the judges prior to lunch and then divided into 30 small servings to be enjoyed by everyone at the Retreat. Teams will be responsible for cutting the dessert into individual servings and providing the bowl/plate on which it will be served.

Using a scoring rubric, the judges assigned a score of one through five in the categories of presentation/appearance, taste, incorporation of ingredients, creativity/marketing, and appropriateness of dessert for lunch. Each group also spoke on teamwork and collaboration in preparing their recipes.

Team 1

Jessie Wang ’19, Class President
Eric Cote ’18, Class Vice President
Hailey Laflin ’17, Class Treasurer
MaryCatherine Dunne ’16, Class Secretary
Cat Graham ’16, Executive President
Tyler Gravelle ’16, Executive Secretary

Team 2

Edward Bennie ’19, Class Vice President, ‘19
Amanda Gomez ’18, Class Treasurer, ‘18
Adrianna Durocher ’17, Class Secretary, ‘17
Anastasia Yogas ’16, Class President
Devin Gilmore ’18, Executive Vice President
Megan Moriarty ’16, Executive Director of Marketing

Team 3

Linny Walsh ’19, Class Treasurer
Brooke Sylvia ’18, Class Secretary
Coleman Lynds ’16, Class Vice President
Lindsay Cathcart ’17, Class President
Jeff Zakrzewski ’17, Executive Director of Finance
Madison Soares ’18, Executive Director of Club Relations

Team 4

Sarah Nickles ’19, Class Secretary
Elijah Calvi ’18, Class President
Kailee Thomas ’16, Class Treasurer
Keith Becker ’17, Class Vice President
Corrinne Stinton ’17, Executive Treasurer
Daniela Marchione ’18, Executive Resident Representative
Ashlee Jeannot ’17, Executive Commuter Representative