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This morning, on the last day of service, students visited OLPH Mission Grammar School armed with healthy-eating activities for the kindergartners and first graders. These kids sure knew their vegetables! They were also able to try a variety of fruit – including mango, kiwi and strawberries.

After leaving Mission Grammar, it was time for students to take the information they’d learned during the week and put it into action. Given a budget similar to food assistance, two teams of students had to visit several local grocery stores, compare prices and prepare a meal for the very fun and very competitive cooking challenge. The competition was neck-in-neck for us judges (myself, along with Professors Adam Silver, Andrea McDonnell and Clare Mehta, Deidre Bradley-Turner and our visiting Fulbright Fellow Nontando Hadebe) as we scored students on taste, presentation, nutrition and their ability to stay on budget.